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  1. When using Aero Peek (Win7) and "Show image previes in taskbar" is enabled in Paint.NET, the rulers and pixel grid aren't displayed in the preview window when moving the mouse over the taskbar-preview image. Before mouse-over: When doing the mouse-over:
  2. A similar jump is happening in the options in the "Tools"-section. Screenrecording of both jumps: http://elbart.bplaced.net/pdn/tools.mp4 I forgot to re-enable hardware-acceleration and animations when I recorded this, but the jumps are happening regardless of them being on or off.
  3. Have there been changes in 4.0.1 compared to 4.0 regarding the rendering of fonts? Left 4.0, right 4.0.1 Disabling hardware-acceleration doesn't help. Win7 SP1, .NET Runtime 4.0.30319.18444, nVidia GT 640, 337.88
  4. When closing a window with one unsaved image, the "Unsaved Changes"-window has a noticeable jump. I assume it's because the program is fetching the size of the image and then changes the layout of the window and text. The text-layout changes from "Untitled has unsaved changes. What would you like to do?" to "Untitled has unsaved changes. What would you like to do?" which adds to jump. The slower the machine, the more noticeable this jump is. This didn't happen in 3.5.11. Screenrecording: http://elbart.bplaced.net/pdn/unsaved_changes_window_jump.mp4
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