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Change colour with same transperency

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i wanted to create other images like the attached *.png in different colours(for example green, yellow...). They should have the same amount of transperency and the borders should also be the same. I'm trying it since 3 hours, but when i delete the red colour in the pin and choose the colour bucket to apply a new colour, the whole picture will be colored, not only the pin. Do you have some suggestions?


Thanks for your answers!!!!!



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Well you can do it by changing the Hue value : Adjusments > Hue / Saturation.


Else you can use the color picker and click on the red part. Push the button "More >>" on the Colors window so you can see its actual opacity value (here 127)

Then just pick the color you want on the palette, select the Paint Bucket tool and click again on the red part to apply the new color (you might need to reduce the tolerance value of the tool because the default 50% will also overwrite the black borders)


Hope it helps :)

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Hi there and Welcome to PDN. Here is another way to do what you want.

1. Import your image – Center Align and make it a bit bigger.

2. With the line curve tool, trace half the image on a New Layer in a color of your choice – deselect. Duplicate this and Flip horizontally. (normally I would use mirror – but it’s playing up in v4 for me today and halving the line).

3. Then with the Rectangle Tool position the 2nd line to meet up with the first, then merge the two layers and Gaussian Blur at default.

4. Duplicate the image you’ve just made for each of the colors you want and then, using the magic wand to click inside the image, add a color each layer. Gaussian Blur at default.

5. Make a grey dot with the paint brush and centre it. Then duplicate again for each one of the colors.

6. Finally merge a dot with each color. To save as .png you will have to uncheck each color until only one is visible, flatten and save as a transparent .png …… don’t forget to uncheck the white Background. Then unflatten everything and do the same thing for the next color.

http://i.imgur.com/YjNicB3.png http://i.imgur.com/cCgaHPc.png

I hope this is of help :)


Edit:  Also see this about the recolor tool ;)

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You might also like the color tint plugin found here : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/18811-ed-harvey-effects-v-35-2012-02-13/

It maintains quality and contrast pretty well for some things, and it's as simple as a couple of clicks.


Don't know how to install plugins? See Here : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/1708-how-to-install-pluginsgeneral-plugin-troubleshooting-thread/

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