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Paint.net for chromakeying models & miniatures


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Thought it was about time I joined up as I've been using Paint.net for a few months now.

I tend to use it for chromakeying out miniatures and models used in book cover art.


I took an off the shelf 1:18th scale Aston Martin DB7



Then used PDN chromekey option to isolate the model from background. Unfortunately I didn't get a good key due to poor lighting of the greenscreen so adjusted it all using Paint.net.



Then placed image onto background plate where various layers were used for lighting, grading, dust motion blur etc.



Only problem I found was that Paint kept crashing when using some of the effects options that were add-ons. Guessing either my old laptop is at fault or there's some corrupt script etc.

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Thanks, still got lots to do on it as it's a work in progress - especially the video part.

I've also tried greenscreening for video and it's far harder to do and takes even longer especially on an older computer like mine. I didn't have enough light as was taking photos of the car in my dining room. 

At least PDN is easy to use - so far - I'm pretty certain I've only just scratched the surface of what it is capable of.

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Used Paint.net to 'cut and paste' myself into the Discovery crew from '2001 A Space Odyssey'

Found this tricky to do as I had to get my face and spectacles under the reflection of the tunnel lights on the visor by using several layers which were then blended a bit.



Me with some Terminator style cyborg makeup using Paint and several layers etc.


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Keep everything to 1 gallery. Don't make more topics because they will get removed

^ What he said.  I've merged the topics; this is your Pictorium thread now.  You can change the title using the Edit button and choosing "Use Full Editor" if you like.


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