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How to fill preset template size with image

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Hello All,


I am a complete newbie to the program and only want to accomplish one goal.


I have a set image that has a set template size on it.  I need to take images and fill this template for printing of the final product.  They need to fit in template size exactly to work in final printing.  The template is a not a normal shape.


Any help is appreciated



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I'm not exactly sure I understand your question/request Keith. Can you elaborate on:


  1. What size is the template (is it inches, centimeters, pixels...)?
  2. Are you trying to incorporate several images onto ONE template and if so are all images the same size?
  3. I'm assuming your template isn't square or rectangular but surely the paper you'll be printing on is no?


Wait a second...is this some sort of twisted riddle on your part :roll:  hmmmmm.


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My first image has a odd shape on it.  I need to take another photo and make it fit into the odd shape of the first image.  Then I will be printing them.  The first page I am calling the "template" because it has the outline for the size I need the images to fit into.  


I am sorry if I am not wording this correctly.

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Phase 1: make the template useable

Open the first image and use the magic wand tool to select the area around it

Add a new layer

Set your primary color to white and press backspace

Phase 2: apply the template

Open your second image

Press ctrl+a (select all) and ctrl+c (copy)

Go to your template image and make sure the layer with the original image is active

Press ctrl+v (paste)

If a window appears asking if you want to expand the canvas, tell it to keep canvas size.

Adjust the size and position of the pasted image as necessary.

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Alright, if I understand correctly you would like your image(s) to fit inside a preset space which isn't a regular shape. Say for example your template or outline is a star like the one here:





And let's say you want the below image to fit in that star or be bordered by it





In order for your image to "fit" inside this border (it can be any border for that matter) Proceed with these steps:


  • Open your template or border file by using "Ctrl+O"
  • Open the image you wish to use with your template in the same manner
  • In your opened image file, select the entire image with  "Ctrl+A"  then use "Ctrl+C" to copy the entire image to your clipboard.
  • Now, in your opened template file, use "Ctrl+Shift+V" to paste your image into a separate layer which should bear the name Layer 2      (after this step we will only be working in the template file)
  • In the Layers window, select the Background layer (the one with your template)
  • In the Tools window select the Magic Wand (fourth down from the top left). Now, click any area outside the template border.
  • In the Layers window, select Layer 2 (the one with your image)
  • Hit the "Delete" button on the keyboard to erase the area that has been selected and voila! The final result would look like:





There are other alternatives than keyboard shortcuts such as using the icons in the available windows or from the drop down menu at the top but in order to limit the confusion I attempted to explain with commands that are common within most software.


If this didn't help, wasn't clear enough, didn't work or if it wasn't at all what you meant from the start the let me know and we'll see what we can do


Cheers mate B) 




EDIT: Pdnnoob posted his response as was writing this. Both replies are in essence the same response to the original question so let's hope we got it right haha

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What you have described it exactly what I am trying to do.  I followed your steps but did not work.  When I get to the last step to hit "delete" all i am left with is my original blank template.  The secondary image that was in the top left corner just disappears.

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[...]The secondary image that was in the top left corner just disappears.


Secondary image must fill the entire canvas. 
The idea is that you have a small image and a template which does include the image when you select around template and move it selection in image layer to delete.



pdnnoob said - Phase 1: make the template useable

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As xod mentionned make sure that the image your want to "fill" your template with is actually inside the template.


Ideally since you are new to the process, both your template and image should cover the same canvas size.


In my example post the star template is 230 x 219 pixels which is the full canvas size.The starry backdrop is also the

same dimensions and thus overlaps the template. By selecting the area outside your template with the magic

wand tool and then switching back to your image layer (Layer 2) and hitting the "Delete" button

you remove everything outside the template area while keeping everything inside it.


Therefore, your image must be inside (or overlap) the actual template proportions in order for this method to work. If the

template and image aren't the same size (ex: your template is 200 x 200 pixels and your image is 500 x 500) then

you can use "Ctrl+R" to resize the appropriate one. When doing this however do it BEFORE copying your image to the

template file otherwise you will be resizing both of them.



Good luck! B)


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  • 2 months later...

Hey gang ... 1st .. I am newbie & LOVE this forum


I am also trying to do this exact function. I have tried to do this to the Nth degree - re-sized my images exactly the same etc etc .. Printed the instructions and tried to do this mult times ... and I get the same results as stated by the other members. I just end up with the blank image - template is gone. 


One thing .. When I try to "Select background" in the 5th step - I can only see the image - I never get the opportunity to select an area outside the border as I all I see is the image I am trying to fill with - it just freezes on the image 


What did I FUBAR 


Thanks in advance gang !!!

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Gang ... OOOPS .. I figured it out ... 


I had the tenplate inverted ... I was trying to fill the "inside" .. inside of filling a cut out ... 




Thanks Spectre .. I hope I can return the favor ;)

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