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Expanding layer blending modes

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Are there any plan in the pipeline for the future project to expand the current layer blending modes?  Right now, we have the official PDN default blending mode, and AP Shredder's excellent expansive blending mode plug-in.


I had hoped at some point v4.0+ would have more blending modes available.


I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, and I did check the Feature Request thread to see if this has been addressed.  The closest thing I saw was the Layer Adjustment request.




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Would be interesting for me to know which kind of blend modes people are missing.

Just to say "I like to get more" does not really help to get an idea.


As I said above, we have the official PDN blending modes which is built into the PDN's current build (as of 3.5.11, not the beta releases), and the plug-in, which again I mentioned, has an expansive list of other blending modes such as pin light, soft light, hard light, hard mix, so forth.  The plug-in also has the current blending modes built into the software such as multiply, overlay, color dodge, etc.




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Ok, you are just talking about to integrate some of the plugin ones.

My concern would be that this forces a change in the pdn file fiormat.

IMHO: A change in the file format should be done only in the case that Paint.NET adds other 'big' things like layer groups and masks.

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I would like blend modes that mirror other well known photo editing programs.

For me, blend modes are a big deal when it comes to the visual power of a photo editor. They are one of the most important things for photo effects. So in my opinion, the more built-in blend modes, the better.


I do also agree on having things like layer groups, but that's a different request all together.


However, any request is difficult to make as there is often the worry of how anything, big or small, could have negative domino effects on the function of paint.net or its codes. Which means, many requests and ideas have no choice but to remain just that, just ideas and nothing more.


Regardless, I can only hope it doesn't hurt to ask for all these goodie things. ;)

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