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Pluginn/Codelab request...

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I thought this would be something really neat to have, and to use, on some things.. AATWO, you gave me the idea with what we were discussing with you entry to the logo contest...

A "Fold" type effect. Useable for any of the 4 corners of an image, if not, the 8 corners...




If you dont know what i mean, i'm trying to get a picture...

EDIT: Got a picture... http://nuwen.net/airimage/06.jpg kinda like that fold, at the corners, but have it blank on the back... man this is hard to explain!

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Aha! Thats what i have needed! a Page "Curl" thank you... and you used Corel Paint? May i Ask why?

Sure, I used Corel PhotoPaint. Page Curl is built-in.

It would have taken too long to recreate a page curl by hand in Paint.net.

Remember, it is not a "sin" to use the best tool for the job. Paint.net is improving every day. In fact, until a couple days ago when I wrote the Color Balance script, I always did my color balancing in Corel. However, I am finding myself using it less and less.

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