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Selecting and changing to a no-colour background?

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Hi All


I am new to Paint.net and am looking for a little help.


I have a very simple picture in jpeg format. The picture is all in white on an orange background.


I would like to use Paint.net to select the white picture and place it on no-colour background.


Can this be done? 

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Use Magic Wand tool, Flood Mode: Global, Tolerance: as you need


1. Clic in to the white area

2. Ctrl+C (Copy)

3. Ctrl+Shift+V (Paste in to New Layer)

4. Uncheck Background visibility or delete


Optional you can use Antilaliasing Assistant (AA's_Assistant... on Effect menu > Object)


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Hello, NN


I would save a pdn copy and your png comment which is correct.

Hello back ;)


If the OP only wants just the foreground image and no background (and with no other layer) then personally I would see no need to save it as a .pdn file. With a .png you can still use it to import from file  (Layers> Import From File  :ImportFromFile: ) to a new layer on it's own. I have only ever saved as .pdn IF I have more than one layer. 


The only other pointer I would add is make more than one copy of the .png file, that way you always have a replacement to fall back on if things go wrong. :)





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