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Smoothing Rotated Image Edges

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Good Afternoon,


Excuse me if I am being silly here, but I am having little diffilculty with rotating a layer and maintaining straight sharp edges to the layer.


Lets say I draw a solid colour rectangle, when I rotate the rectangle the edges become jagged. Is there anyway to avoid this?


I have tried various plug-ins to blur/feather the edges, but I require a sharp finish.


I have attached a sample of one edge.






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Hello russy01 - welcome to the forum!


How did you rotate the layer?

If you used the move selected pixels tool  :MoveTool: and rightclick/drag, the chances are you have accidentally left it set on pixelated.

This can be changed to smooth in the quality box.


If you don't wish to go back and redo the rotation smoothly you could try the 'AA's assistant' plugin.http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=16643


Hope that helps


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Thanks for the quick help.


To rate the layer I just select it then right click as you stated. I have tried doing it wil pixelated and smooth yet get the same results.


Il have a play about with the plugins you suggest.


Thanks for your help.

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