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Odd Palette behavior

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Greetings! I noticed yesterday an odd behavior attribute while switching between colors I had stored in my palette. The great advantage of having two mouse buttons is that you can set the Primary and Secondary colors without having to leave the palette.

Unless the Secondary color box is the active box.

I'm sure this is partly by design, having the right mouse button always set the Secondary color, but I know from my time using it yesterday that it can be quite disorienting having both mouse buttons setting the same color slot.

Would it be practical, from a usability standpoint, to have the right mouse button set the color slot that's not selected? I know this could also be jarring if the user doesn't realize that the Secondary color slot is selected, but at least then both colors would have been selected, and they could just click the Swap button and get the colors where they intended them to be.

Something for your consideration, anyway. Cheers!


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Well, nothing's going to happen for 3.0 -- it is essentially done at this point and no code changes will be made unless there's some bug that causes data loss or brain damage or something.

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I got a bug for ya. It has to do with the "Add color to palette" button and the "Color Management" dropbox right next to it.

Draw a Selection, Switch to either the Move Selected Pixels tool or Move Selection tool. Hover your curser over the button or dropbox I mentioned. Now unhover. Try and move the selection using the arrow keys. You can't! Focus is not restored to the canvas after unhovering.


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