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another question

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not sure what your term is for this so unable to find topic by searching.

Ok say you have an element drawen in paint then you want to make multiple of them in a string from.

maybe like a womans necklace of beads all the same but arc downwards in centre is there a way to do this with out multiple paste and move operations?

thanks OMA

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I managed to figure out the beads by using a bubles tutorial + added gradiant masking _ and just tried adding similar to the glass buttons

I did manage to manually one by one in individual layers string them together but there must be an easier method. perhaps some sort of grouping method to cut down layers.

the photo shop pro uses tubing as far as I can determine this is sort of being able to draw a curved filled line like caligraphy in paint but use a png for the fill. in paint its going to have to be accomplished using brush fill.

has anyone ever been able to adjust the brushes? is there a method or dll been thru most of the tutorials but don't see much on brush adjustments.

once I can master changing brush I'll probably figure out the png part.


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