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I have been using PDN for ~ a month now (first program i have used that isn't the default paint lol), so i decided i should post some of the stuff i have made ^^.

#1: I made this using the tutorial: http://forums.getpai...__fromsearch__1.


#2: I made this one using a mix of the 1st tutorial and http://forums.getpai...4-sun-tutorial/.


#3: I made this one by using this tutorial: http://forums.getpai...2286-explosion/.


#4: I made this one by using this tutorial:http://forums.getpai...aking-a-galaxy/(i made the center differently though).


#5: I made this one by using the tutorial: http://forums.getpai...lines-tutorial/


#6: I made this one by messing around with stuff in PDN(i actually don't remember everything i did to make it ><).


I hope you like what i have made so far :). Comment with any tips/suggestions, or just if you like what i made :D.

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Hey, really great outcomes! Love the explosion one. Very well done! The abstract is adorable. It reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog, which I love to bits. I am really pleased you worked out the links & shared your excellent work. Well done.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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#7 abstract #2


#8 I used the same type of space cloud effect used in #1, #2, and #3 to get the results found in this :P


#9 This ones a trial, its not done and its not perfect(this versions isnt ment to be). I posted it right now because i wanted to see if others think the idea is cool, and to see if anyone has any tips/suggestions on how to make the eye more realistic/ make the reflection in the eye look better.


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