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Can we have consistency with Escape key being "Revert current tool to mouse cursor"?

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I am finding some inconsistencies when using tools provided in Paint.NET.

For 2 examples, I'll simply describe the behavior of the Escape key.


Exhibit A:

I would like to use Text to type in some letters with different colors. What I would do is press T (shortcut key for Text), select a color, type a letter, press ESC, nothing happened, click somewhere else, click back to the letter, select a different color, type a letter, ESC, nothing happened, repeat...

After I'm done, I press ESC again with nothing happening, and press a different shortcut key to continue editing, like O (shortcut key for Line/Curve).

Exhibit B:

I would like to draw a circle and a line. After finish typing, I press O four times to use the Ellipse tool, draw a circle, and then press ESC. Nothing happened. Next, I press O once to use the Line tool, start drawing a line, and then press ESC. At this point, my drawn line is canceled for good, and I need to either use Redo to recover it, or redraw the line again.


Here I present to you these two exhibits. Notice that sometimes, pressing ESC does nothing other than jumping back to cursor, and sometimes cancelling the action that was done.

Would it be possible if the Escape key has a consistent action throughout all of the tools?

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ESC does the same thing as "ctrl+d." In other words, it deselects. When you pressed esc after typing a letter, it should have deselected the text, effectively rasterizing it (turning it into pixels). When you drew the line and pressed esc, it deselected the line--again, rasterizing it. If you draw a gradient and press escape, it does the same. Make a selection and press escape and it still deselects. In every case, it is doing the same thing, deselecting whatever is selected. I don't see an inconsistency...

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