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Questions/proposal abot paint.net 4.0

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A lot of people are intersting about paint.net. They have a lot Questions about it as "Will be a {something} in it?" May be that the develepers don't going to do it, but the question will give them an idea (this thing says, that the looking for blog isn't suitable). So the question must be as this "Will be a {something} in it? If you weren't going to do it, plese do it" So we can say, that this theme is as proposal too.

In word, here you can put questions and proposal abot paint.net 4.0

Here is the questions&proposal of mine and the russian paint-net fourum:

Will be brushes for it? Brushes for draw? Brushes for eraser?

Will the tools off liquify built-in in p.net 4.0's instrument panel? And what plugins will build-in?

Will the cruves expand to cruves+?

And will the plugins will have more permission?

Will be the plugin's repository in it?

That's all...

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