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Outline on Pasted Images

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When I use the Lasso Select tool to Cut a selected image (in this case, a person from a photo), then paste them onto another photo, the pasted image is surrounded by an outline, so that it is not "seamless." How can I paste it so that it blends with the background, and does not have this outline, or border? I tried pasting into new layer, and pasting just straight into the destination photo. The objective is: Two family group photos of the same size, nearly identical in every way - need to cut person from one photo, paste into second photo that was taken seconds later, so that ALL the family is included in the photo.



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Paste onto a new layer, then use the AA's Assistant plugin to smooth the edges out.

EDIT: also, remember to press ctrl+d to deselect before using the plugin.

EDIT2: actually, the selection might be the outline you are talking about. Press ctrl+d to check before you download the plugin

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It wasn't that the object was selected, I did have the sense to check that first =^)

Using the AA's Assistant Plugin worked perfectly - problem solved! Thanks so much for your help, I was making myself crazy yesterday, trying to figure out how to make that outline go away...


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