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I need help creating a poster with layers.

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I am sorry for asking as I am sure there is simple instructions somewhere on this but I have tried searching... I must be using the wrong terms or words. I NEED to make a wedding seating chart (yup, my wedding) and this is what I am trying to do. I have a picture that I want to use aand I want to have about 18 or 20 pictures surounding the main picture. Then I need to be able to type in names alphabetically with their table number.... I then need to be able to have the picture printed poster size. I know I am dumb with this stuff but the lill woman asked me to figure out how to do this. ANY help or advice would be greatly appreciated...ANY HELP. I am trying to use the layers but the layered pic covers like half the main picture. I am sure this seems SOOOO simple to many of you.

THANK YOU for any help.

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As simple as it may seem...trust me I've seen worse xD

Now that we have my immature reply out of the way, here's what I would do:

1. It sounds like your image is too small. If you want a poster size print, you need to change the canvas size. Go to image>canvas size and fix that. Most printing is done at 300 dpi, so first set that up, then adjust the size in inches

2. Now, you need your main picture. Add a new layer and paste the image into it, or go to layer>import from file and browse for the image file.

3. Once you have the image in your picture, you may find it to be too big or small. There should, after you pasted or imported the image, be nubs around the image. Click and drag these to adjust the image size. I would recommend you hold shift and drag the corner nub to keep the proportions. Just click and drag the center of the image to move it.

4. Repeat 2 and 3 for each of the other pictures. If you have a slow computer, make sure you merge each layer down as you go to save RAM and speed up the process (Layer>Merge Layer Down)

5. For the text, add a new layer and, using the text tool, click where you want to type. The font settings should appear at the top. Keep in mind that, once you click elsewhere in the image or change tools or pretty much anything inside the program that isn't related to the text, the text is rasterized and you cannot change the font settings.

I think that's it. If I missed anything or if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

PS: one of the forum rules is to have descriptive titles. If you click "Edit" in the bottom right of your post, then hit "use full editor" you can change your title to describe your question or need.

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