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Cleaning up edges of an oval shaped pic

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Sorry, file is too big to send. Maybe general advice on which tool/s to to create an elliptical frame that I can pick up and paste would be sufficient to get me going.



I have a photo picture which I made 'elliptical'. You can see I have tried to make it elliptical using Word but the edges are messy (see attachment) Was hoping Paint net would have the answer. It is a bit urgent - so any help today would be greatly appreciated



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You can use paint.net to make your oval.

First, delete the white background (ctrl+a, then press delete)

Then, use the ellipse tool to draw your oval.

Make sure you save as a .png image or the background will show up as a white square instead of transparent.

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Sorry, file is too big to send.

As an alternative to providing the large sized file, reduce it to an acceptable size, and save under a different name so that you don't overwrite the larger file. Then you can upload to your favorite image hosting site, and provide us an image to better see what may be transpiring.

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