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Removing a bright spot

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I'm not sure if anybody has a better suggestion, but I can really only think of using the clone stamp tool to select area's outside of the 'bright spot', and in turn clone them into the 'bright spot' region.


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If you are able to retake the photo (assuming you took it), do so with good lighting conditions and without the camera flash.

If you can't retake the photo, use curves to adjust the bright spot without changing the brightness of the rest of the photo as shown here:


I didn't get the color to match perfectly, but with some adjusting, I'm sure it can be fixed ;)

Unfortunately, the glare has completely ruined parts of the tattoo, so those parts cannot possibly be recovered. Fortunately, the tattoo is symmetrical, so you can reconstruct those parts using their mirrored counterparts.

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The best I could do given 30 minutes of playing around with lots of things:


I would not even know where to begin in an effort to explain how I got there!

Hopefully you can use the above image as is.




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