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Totally newbie question on creating text art

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Although I have Googgled this question with no luck, I am sure someone will quickly post a link to a page describing exactly what I need but have what I have not been able to find. Having said that, can anyone point me to a tutorial on how to create a piece of text art using Paint.net? I have been trying to create something with a variety of text element in different colors and fonts, and every time I switch to a new element, I seem to lose the ability to move and and/or manipulate the text items that I created prior. Not sure if this is clear…

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to expand on what igaboo said there, paint.net is an image editor, not a text editor. Once you type and deselect some text, it is rasterized, basically turned into an image. If you want to come back and edit your text later, there is an editable text plugin. If you just want to be able to move it, just type it on separate layers.

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