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  1. just go up to them and say, ''hey does this perfume smell like chloroform to you?''
  2. Your spacescapes are amazing, my favourite is Callisto They seem very well thought out,
  3. lucky for me i dont have screen deafness, i have SELECTIVE HEARING
  4. Not realy a rant but heyo: Where I live Burger King is called Hungry Jacks... That good sir is just plain dumb, its called Burger King all over the world except for 1 country... 1 COUNTRY! and the worst part? JACK ISNT EVEN HUNGRY
  5. refar, if you want to control the ''length'' of the shadow just make the black copy of the stickman or whaterver taller... then you get longer shadows , you could also probably use the quadrilateral reshape on it to make the top slightly less wide to make the shadow get smaller but thats just my personal preferences XD
  6. Excellent Tutorial heres my attempt:
  7. if you want to move text, add each piece of text on a new layer and move it with the move selected pixels tool, as for effects and making art, it'd probably be best to check out the text effects section in the tutorials area
  8. sorry i'll correct that now, also i didnt know about the weave plugin, so sorry if it looked sarcastic
  9. Pdn:2 Schnicka:2 Personaly Schnickas looks like it took more time, mainly with the weave
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