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Screen not centered

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i dont know if this is where to do this but i've run out of options and don't know who to ask or even how to describe this problem but here goes...i have a picture of a person and i moved the person from the original picture and background into another background. when i imported the second background and put the two together, the person was in the new background but they both were up in the left hand corner of the screen and very small. i've tried everything i know to get them back into the middle of the screen but no luck. i'm sure i mast have clicked on some button that i shouldn't have but i can not for the life of me figure out what it was. i can not go forward with pdn as long as this problem exists and the work i have to do is standing still instead of progressing. no doubt this is a small problem but not to me. hey...i can hear you laughing all the way from here....lol. please respond to this and help me out...STONEPLANET

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The problem is because the background originals are not the same size. The newer is larger than the older one. At any rate you can fix this so long as the size differential isn't too dramatic. Import your "cut-out" onto your new (larger) background. When it appears you will notice a frame around the image, and in each corner is a dot. If you click, hold your mouse button, and drag the corner it should enlarge picture.


While the image is still selected, click in the middle and hold the mouse button and drag the image to where you want it.

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3) DO NOT SHOUT. We can hear you just fine. Using all capitals is often interpeted as rude, so please don't.

I was gonna make a joke, because you said you can hear us laughing, and your shouting back or something, but I couldn't really phrase it. It wouldn't have been that funny anyway. Whatever.

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After you have the selection in place you can also use the keyboard arrows to move it around which may offer finer control depending on how far off it is. When its only one or two pixels, mouse work can get frustrating (at least it does for me ...)

Also, if you're still getting an alignment problem, etc please consider posting up an example or two to help illustrate the problem. While it may seem to take longer, it could prove more useful should the solution not be as Jim has described for you.


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