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  1. I'm not sure, but I've PM'ed Superferd in Dutch, maybe he can translate correctly, as it is hard for me to explain via only words, and can not draw something quickly and explain it in my own language.
  2. Made it for a friend of mine. The recoloring shadow failed, I didn't know how, I'm a newbie.
  3. It would be for use to easily select forms and lasso select isn't really good. Reread my first message you will understand it I think.
  4. Hey fellow Paint.Net'ers, as the title says I've got a new plugin idea. There are rectangles like Lasso, square and round. My idea is this, I hope you understand my faily english: Maybe make a rectangle sort that you can select the rectangle and click on a thing and you have to hold the left mouse button that you have a line that you can take over the page and let the left mouse button go and then you have the point you ended rectangle with but it's still selected. Then you take the left mouse [holded the left mouse button] to the other part of the page you want selected, and let go of the rectangle. Then you hold left mouse button and go to the point you want it to end [straight line]. Do that some more or end it at an other point of the selected line ya got. If you want to disselect the rectangle press right mouse button. That way you can make a triangle, square, or other mathmatical forms. Don't understand it read it again, if noone understands I can tell in Dutch or make a video. -GoldDrag
  5. Can you add more Screenshots? And a question, you make 2 NEW layers? The background layer is NOT the text layer?
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