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Paint.NET won't let me drop files into it.

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When I drag a graphic file from an explorer window over Paint.NET I just get a (/) cursor. It won't let me drop the picture onto the canvas.

I know on XP this works fine. I did it a ton on my old PC that I was using over the weekend.

Any reason why it wouldn't function on my "work" PC?

Do you need any additional information from me?

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I believe I could do this inside of CodeLab... if CodeLab was 2 DLL's--one loaded by Paint.NET at default security and the other loaded by the first dll to build a dll. Of course, launching the second dll would give a security prompt by the OS. But, that would be ok because it would only happen when actually building a dll.

It's just complicated and I've not bothered making that change yet.

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