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PSD Render help

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TFPrime use this plugin Alphamask. Find your pic on google and copy and paste it into PDN then open a layer above (Name this mask ) and draw round your subject with the line and paintbrush tool ( you may find this easier if you zoom in try and keep the line inside of your image rather than going over )


once you have a complete outline fill it in with the paint bucket tool.


Now a mask needs to be black or white to work so now with the mask layer selected go to the adjustments menu and choose hue/saturation and move the lightness slider all the way to the left and your red mask should go black. I have deselected the original layer so you can see the mask.


You should now have 2 layer the original one and one with a black silhouette on it with this layer selected press CTRL-A followed by CTRL-C then deselect this layer and click on your image layer, now go to effects>alphamask and run it you may need to invert the mask by clicking on the box.

You should get this


Yes there can be occasions when its easier to just use magic wand or eraser but this will give you the best results.

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