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How to specify grid with / snap to grid

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I'm using Paint.NET 3.5.8 on Windows 7 SP1 64-bit.

While editing small (16 x 16) images, I noticed that Paint.NET used a grid with a width of 2 pixels. Selection rectangles snap to this grid, as do paste operations.

How can I specify the grid width or disable this snap to grid effect altogether?

Thanks, maf

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I'm pretty sure paint.net has no such grid. Try zooming in on your image.

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Ah, I'm sorry. Actually zooming in too much was my problem! At 1600% the white & grey checkerboard representing the transparent backgroung "color" is displayed at half the size of the actual pixels. So when I pasted something, I could place it freely on the image's grid. But it looked like it would snap on only to every second checkboard "pixel".

Is there any way to specify how transparent areas of an image should be displayed? With these small icon I'm working on, the checkboard can get a little distracting.

And now that I know that there's no adjustable grid and no "snap to grid" option, is there any plugin that adds these features to Paint.NET? I think these can be very helpful when placing and aligning image elements.

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