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GLITCH: Crop to selection

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How to cause this glitch:

1. select one of the elipse, lasso or rect selection tools

2. make a selection but DO NOT let go of the mouse button

3. while still holding the left mouse button down hit ctrl+shift+X

4. look at your history and behold the magnificent glitch


p.s. could someone see if this happens in 2.72?

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Not a glitch, just tried it in 2.72, the reason the selection doesnt show up on your history is because you didnt let go of the mouse, which I believe is why it isnt showing up.

It shows up in history even if you let go for a fraction of a second then Crtl Shift x.

Since the mouse wasn't let go, it doesn't have any record that the selection was made, because technically, it wasn't if you do it with the lasso, sometimes you cannot close your irregular shape.

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Actually the weirdness comes when you undo the Crop command and the selection is still there. I've filed a bug, and from a quick inspection it looks like there are many similar bugs. See if you can catch them all ... or something. Thanks for finding this

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