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Something keeps deleting my Paint.Net from Windows7

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I wonder if anybody else has seen this oddity. I have reinstalled Paint.Net four times in the past two months. Each time it simply disappears from my machine. If I use the Windows Search funtion, and I only get back Paint, not Paint.Net.

Last time I installed a taskbar icon during installation. Last evening that icon was Paint.Net icon. I shut down my machine last nite. This morning the icon is a blank icon which the Windows says is "nothing" and should be removed.

I have Trend Micro Titanium, with pretty strict security. I did puchase Uniblue's stuff recently, but I have not run it for a few days. I thought I'll post here in case somebody else has some ideas.


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Try disabling the security programs.

Hi Rick,

I will try that. I have used Trend Micro for years, although this Titanium thing is new. They have a Web Security feature (rather annoying) that sits like a guard with a weapon ready to shoot if a website tries to access something from my computer. For me it is largely a nuisance, I don't keep any cookies (eating kind) in my computer. I think that may be what needs turning off.

By the way, I love Paint.Net. You have done a great job. It is distressing to see so many copycats trying to waylay everyone who is looking for it on the internet.


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I recommend uninstalling all the security stuff and then just install Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free, fast, and just works.

Thanks for the tip. And here I was thinking that I have live in a stone castle for the rest of my life!


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I have used used Avast for a long time. I think it is better than MS Security Essentials because it has so many more features - including a sandbox to run suspect programs. And it`s free! Puts a lot of paid for security programs to shame. ;)




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