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Fading Gridlines

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1. Start with a black canvas.

2. On a new layer create grey gridlines (Effects->Render->Gridlines) to desired vertical & horizontal spacing, and then change layer Opacity in the Layer properties to approx. 60.

3. Create another new layer and repeat the above and re-adjust the vertical & horizontal spacing so that the grid falls in the middle of the above grid and change the layer Opacity to approx 45.

I hope this helps...


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thanks, but i am afraid that either i don't get it or the effect is not the desired one, as the different grind on the various layers are pretty hard to match (see picture).post-82030-130083058147_thumb.jpg

one thing that i tried that came close was highlight a section to the right and then apply a "gaussscher weichzeichner" (sorry, don't know the english term) with a very small radius.

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