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How can I generate a darker version of a colour?

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Hi there,

This might sound like an absolutely dumb question....but bear with me please....

A customer has given me a colour to work with but I have to come up with a darker version and several shades that are lighter as well.

I'm stumped....I've played around with the colour wheel in PDN but can't seem to generate the right colours....

I always seem to come up with something that doesn't match the colour the original...

How can I generate several shades of a colour?????

Your help is appreciated...



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Also u can use the gradient tool. Select the pdn35icons.LinearClampedGradientIcon.png Gradient tool and set the white's transparency to 0 in MORE. Then clcik and drag across your image, now u have a multitude of colours. You can also use the pdn35icons.ColorPickerToolIcon.png color picker tool to choose your favourite.

Thanks SAND33P,

Now why didn't I think of that.......that provides infinite possibilities....



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