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  1. Thanks xod, Just got to figure out how to use it.....do you know if there is a tutorial? Regards Greg
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to precisely place lettering on an image.... The tricky part is that I have to create 10 images all with different lettering. The image is exactly the same for each but the lettering is different i.e. different headings. And there are two lines of text on each image..... If it was just one image I would probably use a pixel ruler to manually check the spaces between words etc, but that is very laborious and not easy to do 10 times. This is what I'm doing: 1. Create the lettering using the Editable Text plugin - two lines of text (see image) 2. Cut out first line of lettering (two words) and position in new layer over the image....and repeat for second line of lettering. 3. Try and line up line of lettering both horizontally and vertically, ensuring same spacing between .....grrrr EDIT: The critical part is to get EXACT spacing between words.....and make sure the spacing is IDENTICAL on each new image Please tell me how you would do this and if there are any grids available? Regards Greg
  3. Thanks Ego Eram Reputo,Those both worked well.... Just a further question with regards to using Fade Edge - I saved the finished work as a .png file to keep the "fade edge" looking great (better than it does if you save as a .jpg - because it seems to take on a bevelled edge appearance) The resulting .png file size is large (between 464-711kb for 3 images). I normally use FastStone Photo Resizer to resize images but in this case it seems to cut off the "fade edge effect"..... I realise that this question is not about PDN but any advice on how to resize the .png image would be helpful. Regards Greg
  4. Also another thing: If you notice the picture has a semi-transparent block with text in it - how do I do that? Thanks.... Greg
  5. Thanks pdnnoob, That works perfectly!!!!!!! Any ideas on how to provide a fade on all the other edges? Regards Greg
  6. Thanks pdnnoob, Got the best "joining" result using your method.... However, I still get a "hard line" that shows up from the image on the lower layer.... (it makes no difference which image I put on the lower layer - the hard line shows up) How did you get the soft line? Thanks to all the other contributions from Doughty and Klaxxon.... Regards Greg
  7. Also another thing: If you notice the picture has a semi-transparent block with text in it - how do I do that? Thanks.... Greg
  8. Hi pdnnoob, Thanks for the reply but that solution doesn't really help me.... I have attached a couple of other pics which show you what I want to do. Two things: 1. Blur the area where the two pics join 2. Blur the edges of the pics Hopefully you can see from the attachments what I want to achieve. Regards Greg
  9. Hello everyone, I need to find out how to blur the images for a client website.... What I have done is to take 2 images and put them alongside each other, but I need to blur the area where they join to make the join look less severe. Also, I need to blur the complete outer edge of the whole image as well. Have attached image.... Your help will be most appreciated.... Best regards Greg
  10. Hey Barbieq25, Yes it's a bit disappointing.... But my main focus of business is actually web design and internet marketing....which is the bulk of the work for this client anyway.... I think I will have to sit down with him and get a much more focussed idea and run with that. I agree with you about getting up front fees....my normal is to get 80% up front. I'll certainly post any new ideas and concepts here once I get them... Best regards Greg
  11. Hello everyone, OK I met with the client and learnt an important lesson.... He had invited all his agents and a couple of associates to the meeting....ever tried to get a bunch of people to agree on anything artistic? Every person had his or her 2cents to throw into the mix.... So needless to say I came away without a decision. So back to the drawing board and this time I will meet with the client on his own.....for sure! But all is not lost....I have the work done as a base to work from... Again thanks for all the input....I will post updates and new images here... Best regards Greg
  12. Thanks for all the extra suggestions everyone.... I'm seeing the client this afternoon so I won't change anything right now....I still have to prepare a discussion document. But I will definitely get back to you later on and let you know what happened... Let me just say that you guys are a great bunch of people....helping a complete stranger with no expectations of return!!! Bestb regards Greg
  13. Never too late Barbieq25.....almost midnight here!!! Yes the experience has been really good.....last night I was panicking and really didn't have a clue!!! I'll try the white outline.....what's the best way to apply the outline? And yes thanks very much for the good wishes....appreciated. regards Greg
  14. Thanks nitenurse79.....where would I be without you.....lol
  15. You post away...no problem... I still need to do that too.... regards Greg
  16. That's cool welshblue.... My idea is to put something completely different in front of the client... I'll play with your other suggestions....where is the Blend Mode? regards Greg
  17. Thanks Helen.... Great head's up...was not aware of those requirements.... Hopefully my PC is powerfull enough to render those resolutions... Regards Greg
  18. Thanks nitenurse79 and pdnnoob and welshblue!!!!! OK here is the result.... Be brutally honest please....meeting with the client tomorrow.... The final logo is going to be used right across the companies media branding including: -business cards and letterheads -real estate boards and markers -flags -large format advertising boards 8' x 12' and larger Just a quick question - what resolution should the final logo be created in to meet all the printing requirements? Regards Greg
  19. You know what Welshblue....this forum is really great because of the people....and you can include yourself in that group!!! I agree with you....I need to make the design more punchy.... I think I've been at it too long today because I can't figure this out..... I tried the bevel but it applies the bevel to the background and not the E itself....(large E is on a transparent background) Any ideas on how to do this? And any other ideas will be most welcome... Regards Greg
  20. Ok everyone, Herewith one of the logos......colours are not final.... Again thanks to everyone for your input....have to single out pdnnoob for going the extra mile!!! You guys are awesome!!! Regards Greg
  21. OK.....finally with much trial and error, I managed to duplicate what you did pdnnoob.... I'm not sure if I can remember the steps it took to get here..... Anyway have a look.... Everyone else as well.....yes you are all included....you know who you are - thanks for all your help. At least I can now use this as the base for one of the logo ideas... Regards Greg
  22. Hey there pdnnoob, I've been playing around with a bunch of fonts.... OK...thanks for your explanation....but I'm struggling to follow your instructions... Let me tell you what I did: -created ellipse on white background -selected ellipse -tilted ellipse -duplicated titlted ellipse (still selected) Layers > Duplicate Layer But how did you " invert the color"? Am I correct thus far? Regards Greg
  23. Pdnnoob....that's exactly what I had in mind... I'm going to have to try and get that same effect... Thanks for taking the trouble....much appreciated. Could you elaborate on the steps that you took? It's almost midnight here...so I'll tackle this tomorrow! Thanks again.... Regards Greg
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