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Super noob question

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I'm sure this is super easy to fix but it's driving me mad!!!

I'm trying to use the text function but it is invisible!!! When I write text on the background layer, with cap-lock on I can see the text. If I turn the cap-lock off then the lower case text is invisible... But no matter how I use cap-locks in a new layer then the text is invisible. I've tried this with different fonts. I'd just want to write some text over a back-ground image... I know this has got to be easy, I'm just not getting it. Please Help.


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I'm not totally sure what the issue is. I've made some silly mistakes that may be relevant so, check to make sure these things are set properly:

1. Primary color is not fully (or mostly) transparent.

2. The layer you're writing to is not set to transparent OR set to invisible (unchecked) in the layers panel.

3. The region you're writing on that layer is not covered by an image on a layer above it.

4. You don't have a different region selected, cause then your text would only show up where you have it selected, and not at all if you're not writing in that selection.

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