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Installation issues

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During the install process, the program looks for:


It's not in the folder "Staging" where it supposed to be (with the other .msi's). It's supposedly for version 3.3.6 issued some time ago - 2008 I believe - so I looked around and found it. But when I tried to load it (3.3.6) the install program asked for the same file again - PaintDotNet_516794892.msi.

Now I go to uninstall and start from scratch. Guess what? It asks for PaintDotNet_516794892.msi again, and now I can't uninstall it either. Any ideas?

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YES! That did it. It's important that this keyword: PaintDotNet_516794892.msi be available in the event others who may experience the same installation error can find this resolution. I spent a long time trying to find this .msi file as a point of reference so I could uninstall Paint.net v.3.36 in order to do the update to v3.56.

I'm very grateful for this forum and the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility in this thread. Thank you!

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The filename is not always the same ... and the MSI is version specific. I tried renaming one for 3.5.7 to uninstall 3.5.5 and that won't work.

Perhaps you could supply a link to FileHippo.com from where you can download EXE installers for past versions... or have a page off the downloads page where users can download the relevant extracted x86 or x64 MSI installer for an older version ...

I would add that the name of the MSI is NOT important .. it is the content of the file. If you are asked for C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Staging\PaintDotNet_753582080.msi and you point it to C:\Data\PaintDotNet.x86.msi ... so long as that MSI is the same version as your installed version, then it will recognise it...


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