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How to make illuminating outline

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Hey, this is my first time using paint.net and i was wondering how would i make an outline sort of like it is in the top left of the earth in that picture except instead of only in that small portion i want to make it go all the way around. and how would i make a large G in the middle of the earth with a font similar to the G in the LG logo.

any help is appreciated


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If you mean the wispy/smoky lines here is what I tried:

1. Open Paint. NET & create a new layer.

2. Select a light grey & make the secondary colour completely transparent.

3. Run Clouds at default settings.

4. On a new layer I ran Diagonal Lines (under Render) 88 for interval, brush width 42, Anti Alias 6 & Angle 90.

5. Change the Flood Mode to Global (50%) & select the grey lines only.

6. Go to the layer with the Clouds & press Delete on the keyboard. Untick the lines layer (we are done with it so you could even delete the layer.

7. On the layer with only the lines of Clouds, run Dents & play with the settings until you get some shapes that please you.

8. Select a portion of the shapes that you want. If you use Rectangle select you can press CTRL + I & then press Delete ont eh keyboard.

9. Now that you only have the shape you want, use the eraser to rub out the unwanted portions.

10. Use True Blur to blur the wisps. You could further alter the shape by using Sine Waves.

I am sorry I don't have time to look up the links for the plugins but they are easy to find in the Plugin Index.

As for the G - use a circle outline & then use rectangle select to delete the unwanted part, use a filled circle for the eye or brush of suitable width. Line tool for the nose part. I would put each element on a separate layer. Be sure not to copy the G exactly as you could run into copyright problems.

Good luck with the image!


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April Jones, 2012

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for the defining glow you could follow Sozo's method for making an inner/outer glow described here and not shade the glow layers--


barbieq's method is good and will work on any background but if you luck up and get the g you want on a solid one-color background-then here is an alternative way

get the g you want on a sepperate layer-if you cant find the font in pdn, set magic wand on global ans the tollerance to zero-click outside the G and if it doesnt select part of the g hit delete, use eraser to remove any other parts-- maybe run shape3d on it, set on half-sphere so it would match the curve of the planet-- if thas what you want; you could also play with the opacity if you wanted it to blend a bit

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