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The selection gets stuck to the mouse pointer

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I don't know if this have been discussed before:

I usually when I make a selection in the canvas, while keeping the left mouse pressed I press and hold the right mouse to move the selection around, but if I release the right mouse when the pointer is behind any of the utility windows ( Colors, Tools, layers or history) or release it out side the DPN window borders, the selection gets stuck on the mouse pointer even if you release the left mouse, and I can't get rid of that unless I change the tool or function, or press and hold left mouse and click the right mouse then release the left mouse, that is true also if you start with the right mouse and try all the above.

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I've noticed this too.

Also, after "unsticking" by depressing left and right mouse buttons simultaneously while

the cursor is on an open part of the canvas, things don't return to a completely normal state.

If at this point you zoom in using the toolbar zoom (or if the image was already zoomed in),

moving the cursor to the border of the work area (with mouse buttons up) results in panning or scrolling.

That's not normal.

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