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combine 2 images side-by-side?

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I'm brand spanking new to paint.net and I have a question. I have 2 photos that I want to place side-by-side, combined into one image. One will need to be resized to be the same size as the other so the edges will match up. I don't need to do anything else to them, just stick them together and print it as one image. Can this be done?

Thanks for the help!

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1-If the two images are both in same aspect ratio then do these:

-Open the bigger picture in Paint.net

-Size it down to make it same size as the second picture use: Image>Resize "Check the Maintain aspect ratio box"

-Open Image>Canvas Size, double up the Width and Anchor Right "uncheck here the Maintain aspect ratio box"

-Import the other picture, Layers>Import From File "by default the program will Align the second picture to the left"

-File>Save As...

2-If they are in different aspects then do this:

-Open the one with the bigger height

-Size it down so that the height is same as the second picture

-Open Canvas Size, Anchor Right, increase the width by adding the width of the second picture

-Import the second picture

-File>Save As...

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Sfifer and yellowman - Thanks for the help.

The combined image looks great, probably much too big to post here though (it's around 8 mb's). They were scans of two drawings of mine that I needed to combine, it's artwork for a calendar. They images were different aspect ratios also so thanks for the additional instructions, yellowman.

I wouldn't call it simple since I had never used paint.exe before, but once I was able to understand what you were doing it went smoothly. I really like this program, nice tools and much easier to learn than the first one I tried.

Another thing I learned: Gimp Sucks! It crashed every time I tried to import the second image. Much harder to navigate and learn also, IMO.

Anyway, thanks again!

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