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WOTW #25 Discussion- Winner Announced

Possum Roadkill

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WOTW # 25 Theme is Surrealism.

Poll is up ! Vote for best 2 images. Poll closes Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. EDST Results will be posted in the Discussion Thread ! SEE BELOW !

WOTW Comp Rules: All submissions must be created in Paint.net with the exception of renders and stock photos when allowed.

Minimum size is 800 X 600. There is no maximum size, but keep in mind that people will want to look at your image

and if it takes too long to load, they may not look at it.

Please try to make your image in the proportion of a Wallpaper, because this is a Wallpaper comp.

NO PLACEHOLDERS Do not post an entry until it is a finished product. NO WIPS !

Obviously you cannot use the stocks or renders as your entire submission, so the majority of your image should be

created in Paint.net.

Special rule # 5. Do not anger the Possum.

WOTW # 25 - Surrealism. - Theme Rules. Please read this !

Theme is "Surrealism"

You are to make an image in the surrealism style of art.

No Stocks or renders are allowed in this comp.

You may use elements created in another imaging program, but the bulk of the image must be made in Paint.net.

Here is a visual example


For more information see the following;


Google Images

DO NOT Post your entries in this thread. PM your entries to me and I will post them as they come in.

Entry period for this competition will run through 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening (September 26, 2010), U.S. Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

All submissions entered up to this time will be allowed.

If you have any questions, post them in the Discussion Thread or PM Possum Roadkill. I would be happy to help anyone interested.

Edited by Possum Roadkill

SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

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SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

To visit the Comps click HERE

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Congratulations winners !

I have made a decisions that may surprise you, but I think it's the only fair thing to do. I really never thought that my entry would win. It's not an original idea. Yes, I made the entire thing from scratch and pre-existing textures I made (wood and metal), but the real originality of the piece belongs to the genius of Dali. I just recreated his piece in my own style. I just wanted to try to do it, and that to me was the goal, not to win the comp. I worked hard on it and was very pleased with the end result and I really appreciate everyone who voted for me, but it's just not, in my mind, deserved. Don't get me wrong, I love it when I win a comp, but in this case I should have made a different original entry and just posted this one in one of the umbrella forums. So, again, thanks to all of you who voted for my piece, I really appreciate it and am very humbled by your appreciation of my artwork.

So again, in my mind, the only fair thing to do is to promote all of the entries one place. :D

Winners are....

Tied for 1st place

Barbieq and Sarkut


Tied for 2nd place

Nanettealsop and J.D. Melek


Third Place goes to

Olav K.M.


The consolation prize goes to me. :D


I'm just happy that you all entered. I have to say that your entries are very original and entertaining. I love and enjoyed every single one of them.

Thanks :D


p.s. Barbieq and Sarkut you get to choose the next theme. I'm thinking that it's time to change the awards. Maybe I'll hold a comp to see what people come up with for awards for the WOTW comp.


SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

To visit the Comps click HERE

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