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Slanted text

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Hello to all paint "power users".

If someone could help me on my "trivial" issue. Im a total new to this soft and just started to discover it. My experience with other graphic software was corel in which I made some basic stuff but it was very basic and a very looong time ago. I hope I will be able to describe my problem. So the story short....

I need to slant a text. Not rotate it, just slant the characters with defined angle to the both sides. For example from "TEXT" I want to make it like "TEXT" but with a defined angle. Something, like a registration number on aircraft fuselage where the text needs to be slanted in opposite direction as the text on the opposite side. Tried the rotate/zoom tool with no success. Searched the forums for a couple of days with no solution to find so as a last hope Im asking right here. Im sure it must be something simple which Im just simple don’t see. It is such a basic editing, that there must be a simple way to do it.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Thanks for the link Sarkut.

Yes thats what I was looking for. It seems to reduce the thicknes of the characters when deforming the text but I should be able to adjust it with some further editing. Will play a bit with this for a while.



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if you want to slant it at a specific angle, then on a new layer, draw a line with the line tool at that angle (the angle of the line should be shown at the bottom left of the screen), the use the plugin Sarkut mentioned to align the text with the angle of the line.

Merry Christmas


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