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How to Slim a Face [from a photo]

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I would like to slim a face in a photo; remove the double chin and slim down the cheeks and neck.

Would you please provide directions how to do this? I'd like to make the changes look as

natural as possible.

Thank you!


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Thank you, ptuz...

I wish I could use this tool but I think that the face I want to slim down would look peculiar. I think I need to free hand something but I'm not sure what.

I also have a picture of a face that is too shine.

So I am looking to slim down the face and take some shiny-ness out.

Thank you!


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Thank you for the video. I'm afraid that it moves too fast for me and although I keep stopping the video and then go back to my photo to enhance it, my results are not the same as your own.

So I am having trouble.

Would you happen to have step-by-step written instructions on just slimming the face?

Thank you again. I really appreciate your help.


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Okay. I'm making this last post so that David.Atwell won't chide me about

giving technical advice by PM without sharing openly for others' benefit.

Have had some success working with the two images.

The facial thinning was done working at the right side of the image,

using the PointWarp plugin at various positions and settings.


The double chin was de-emphasized by adding shadow to the whole under-chin area.

A brown shadow skin-tone was acquired using the Color Picker tool.

The Line/Curve tool was used to draw a line under the chin, and the whole area filled.

Layer Blend mode set to Multiply and Opacity reduced.

Minor blurring and adjustments with Alpha Mask.


For the too shiny face.

To eliminate the shine I used the method in this tutorial.

The Subterranean Copy/Paste Blues

Unfortunately, her skin tones were difficult to match.

Nearly every copy/pasted piece needed saturation and lightness adjustments.

I found that copy/pasting/feather-objecting the original shiny areas

into new layers above, and reducing the opacity added a bit of normal

soft highlighting without the appearance of shininess.

It also helps mask the poor skin match in some places where the shine was eliminated.

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