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What happened to the Forumer forum?

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Hi folks. I was searching for button making tutorials for Paint.net, and I find some that link to a Forumer forum like this: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=27100

But that forum seems to not exist. I noticed on several button tutorials in this forum respondents saying stuff like, don't bother posting duplicate tutorials because there's a similar one on forumer. But it seems to be gone. Is that temporary, or what? I needs to make a good roundish 3d button, no glass, gradient fill, but I is ignant on the subject. I can reads pretty good though.

Thanks. I can probably get by with what is hear, but haven't found one that is as close to what I need as I would like. Fun stuff, though. Nice, easy program, Paint.Net. Should make an iPad version.

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Everything from the old forum is now here, though some links may be broken. All the content can still be found via the search bar in the top right corner, or http://searchpaint.net/ . It is not temporary; this is our new home.

Please read the Announcement on the subject.

Should make an iPad version.

That's a truly terrible idea...



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