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  1. This is really nice. As a nearly-complete newb, I can see how some people find some of the steps hard to follow. For those, I suggest taking plenty of time to look up in the Help starting with the first thing they have trouble following and play with it a bit to get familiar with the terms and Paint.Net features. It just goes with the territory, drawing/painting is like learning a whole new language, and you have to get the basics down before you can even follow intermediate instructions. Secondly, how would I go about making an "inverted" version of this, the purpose being to create a web button that looks like it is indented, actually pushing down on the button? $20 bucks for a good Paint.Net tutorial that does that? Also, your button looks a little 3D, like it's got a depth of a couple millimeters, how would one go about making it look a little deeper/taller?
  2. Hi folks. I was searching for button making tutorials for Paint.net, and I find some that link to a Forumer forum like this: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=27100 But that forum seems to not exist. I noticed on several button tutorials in this forum respondents saying stuff like, don't bother posting duplicate tutorials because there's a similar one on forumer. But it seems to be gone. Is that temporary, or what? I needs to make a good roundish 3d button, no glass, gradient fill, but I is ignant on the subject. I can reads pretty good though. Thanks. I can probably get by with what is hear, but haven't found one that is as close to what I need as I would like. Fun stuff, though. Nice, easy program, Paint.Net. Should make an iPad version.
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