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How do I paint a texture (yes, Clone Stamp, but...)

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I have an existing image. I want to copy some of the texture in this image and use it to paint another area of the image.

"Clone Stamp" seems like the right tool, BUT . . .

While using Clone Stamp, two bubbles appear. The trailing bubble is copying and the leading bubble is pasting. These two bubbles always move together.

I would rather

1. Ctrl-click to select the texture that I want to use for painting;

2. Then, point, click and drag to paint with the selected texture. Thus, only the leading bubble would move.

Is it possible? How?

Thanks for your help.

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What you have described is not possible with the Clone Stamp tool.

An alternative is to select a bit of texture with one of the selection tools

and copy/paste into a new layer, then reposition it.

You can paste-into-new-layer/reposition repeatedly as often as you like.


If you are going to use a certain texture extensively/often,

a selected area of texture can be saved as an image file,

then used as a brush with the CustomBrushesMini plugin.



Clone Stamp

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