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  1. i know wad im abt to say is somewhat pointless. but i also hav no idea wad the clone stamp is for. anyone care to giv a brief explanation? o.o
  2. erm... for the hidden folder... im curious. did u use alt+255 for the file name and then changing the icon to a transparent one? cos i did that for my stuff when sharing a computer abt 4-5 years back. lol.
  3. all the gadgets on my desktop are sidebar gadgets... got all of them from gallery.live.com. ^^ yep. lol. and also a somewhat dead genre of space combat simulation games =D
  4. here's my humble win 7 desktop.. here's a quick run through of the stuff on my desktop... starting from... 1) At the top, weather gadget. 2) Next to the weather gadget is itunes track player. 3) Below the itunes player are the calendar and my GCE O lvl countdown. >< 4) Right of track player is notes. Its personal. 5) Far right, top. MSN gadget. 6) Below that is the facebook gadget. Damn useful. 7) Shutdown controls~ 8) RSS Feeds (for news, horoscope, all that bloody potato) 9) ROCKETDOCK AT THE BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!! =D 10) Above RocketDock is the system stuff... OS version
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