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Bitmap problem

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I have saved a logo I made as a bitmap to export to a CAD program. It works OK except the logo has a box or border around it. Is there a way I can save - in BITMAP FORM - the image without the border?

It has to be bitmap, because that is the only image format I can import into AutoCad.


Mark Springer

industrial arts

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Hi Mark, If you are trying to get just the logo without any kind of border around it, I'm afraid that you will not be able to when you import it into AutoCAD. Have you considered importing it into AutoCAD and then redrawing it as a .dwg? I'm a 20 year vet using AutoCAD and I understand what you are trying to do. If the logo is not too complex, you should be able to recreate it as a drawing file and then make it a block that you can insert into your plot page layouts. Keep in mind that if you are plotting on a white media, a white background on your logo won't show up anyway. What version of AutoCAD are you using?


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