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Colorful and Glowing Side Shapes

Dj Slushy

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


Sorry, based on how abstract this is, I really had no idea what to name it.

Okay, chit chat aside, lets begin.

Your goal is to get this, only with any background color you want and obviously not slusher on the side :P


Pretty much, you'll be getting those shapes I put in the corner.

Here we go.

First of all lets make sure we have all the plugins needed hmm?

Pyrochild's Outline Object

Multi-Color Gradient

Sine Waves

1. Start up Paint.NET with a 800x600 canvas and add a new layer :AddNewLayer:

2. Choose the :RectangleSelectTool: tool and drag out a rectangle however you like.


3. Fill this rectangle with many a color. Render > Multi Color Gradient. You can use default settings if you want for the sake of the tutorial, but if you want to shake things up a little bit, you can try your own colors.

NOTE: If your rectangle is tall instead, make the angle of the gradient 90 degrees.


Your rectangle should look like this.


4. Next use the :MotionBlur: (Motion Blur) Tool and set your settings to a blur of 50 and move your angle to -90.00

NOTE: If your rectangle is tall instead, make the angle of the Motion Blur either 00.00 or 180.00


5. Next step, make the shape curv-E. Distort > Sine Waves.

Settings: Amplitude: 75

Horizontal Period: 0

Vertical Period: 1

Angle: 90 degrees.

You can change the angle and amplitude however you feel, or stay with those settings above. The choice is all yours! Although, I would stay away for the Horizontal and Vertical Period, things can go wrong with those options. Leave em' be.

Your image should now look like this. If you chose your own wave-E-ness thats fine. arc.png

If you followed the Sine Wave settings above it SHOULD look like this. If it doesn't, go through the tutorial again and see what you may have done wrong. Its ok, I can wait. I'm only text after all :P.

Jokes aside, lets resume this tutorial.

6. Duplicate your shape layer. :DuplicateLayer:


7. With your top layer selected, go up the Layers tab and click Horizontal Flip. Also flip it vertically. This will make your colors opposite. Move the top layer however you like (make sure both shapes are touching).


8. Now use Outline Object on both shapes (no need to merge layers yet)

Use the following settings


9. On the top layer ONLY, go to the layer properties and change its opacity slightly. I used 214-234

Your image should look like this.


10. Finally, merge the two layers to make one shape. Select it and move it into the corner or the side. (You can move/resize/stretch your shape however you see fit) I think moving my shape into the corner looks pretty nice.

Add your background and you should turn out with this.


NOTE: If you want to add a glow-like effect. Duplicate your shape layer, and motion blur it at the direction you want at a fairly high radius.

Congratz! You just made a colorful and abstract shape to add to your image!

If you did my tutorial step by step, I STRONGLY suggest you try it again, with different Sine Wave options, colors, and placements! Be unique!

Please post your results! I really want to see how yours turned out and if this tutorial was any help at all! :P

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