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Hello everybody, I decided to do a gallery because I had more than one picture I wanted you guys to take a look at and let me know if there were any means of improvement. I have only been using paint.net for going on three days, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

These are all 100% Paint.net as well. I'm not so good at cutting existing images into stuff right yet. Also i didn't post in an umbrella because I am not sure which category these are under. Sorry, but I guess I should get on with it, shouldn't I?


Okay so most of these I didn't really know what I was doing, mainly just farting around on paint.net and stopped and saved when I came into something I thought was kinda cool. I call this one a Flower Blizzard because off the top of my head it is the closest thing it resembles.


Ok so I call this one, "I don't know what this is" because to be honest, I don't. I was just seeing what all the features of paint.net did and came up with it. I guess you could call this picture the base to my flower blizzard one just above.


Okay so this one is not mine. Well I mean it is, I assembled it and all that good stuff but I followed the planet tutorial on these forums. I want to say it was Flip or Trip but I can't rightly remember off the top of my head. I followed the link to the tutorial for the planet from the sun tutorial in the same sub-section of the forums, so all credits due to their original authors. When I have some more time I'll find the tutorials again and edit in their actual names.

On this planet though, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the "outer glow" thing along the brim of the planet to go away with the gradient. If you notice it almost completely circles the planet still, and I can't figure out how to fix that.


Okay so just like the planet one, this was followed by a tutorial on the creations subsection of these forums, and once again, their name eludes me. Give me some time and I'll edit in the name of the author. All credits go to the originating authors.


Okay this one here is my actual creation, just like the flower and the as of yet unnamed one underneath it. I call this one Skel, because at least to me when you look at the right bulb, the figure on the top right of it kinda looks like a buck toothed skeleton with a kings crown. That is just the image I see, you guys might, and probably will, see something else. I didn't plan on making a skeleton like figure, or that entire image to be honest. Just like all but the planet/sun ones, I was just checking out all the different features of the program and ended up making these on accident.


Okay well I know they're not the best by far, but they caught my fancy when I did them.

Thank you.

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Good start to your gallery.

Following tutes is a great way to learn more about paint.net.

Look forward to seeing more from you.

Well said, be sure to do as many tuts as you can so you learn more about the options avaliable for usage on paint.net and you will learn more about it/how to use it better. Nice looking planets there!


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