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  1. I LIKE the last little icon, howd you do it?
  2. Wow, this gallery is amazing and i personally thank you for opening it! You have so much talent, i love the desktop backgrounds!
  3. Yeah, PDN dont upload to photobucket or anything. I always save as PNG for best quality, but JPEG works great
  4. Im away for about 2 days, so i will do it after that Could you PM me the photo you want me to use? thanks
  5. Thankyou for allowing it to be used in the older version of
  6. This plugin requires the latest build of Paint.NET. Upgrade Paint.NET and it should work fine. For some reason ive always been hesistant to download the new version..Whats the difference and where can i download it?
  7. Agreed, and all we want to do is watch tennis! lol
  8. Whenever I go to use it, It comes up with an error and i have to restart
  9. Il turn on channel 7 and watch it now, and your right - so annoyed with over sponsorships/advertising everywhere!
  10. When your bored and click File - Open and realise you cant open PDN files on this website
  11. No problems. Commadant J - Anyone that uses the splatter tool is in my good books Nice and simple with good colour cordination. 7/10
  12. Me, being into photography - think thats amazing and I love the hint of sepia on it plus the text looks good. 10/10
  13. You dont have one But since I think your cool, 9/10
  14. Well said, be sure to do as many tuts as you can so you learn more about the options avaliable for usage on and you will learn more about it/how to use it better. Nice looking planets there!
  15. Thanks, and I might do something up just for you! because im so nice with Anakin an Padme from Starwars on the theme of forbidden love!
  16. I love my Paint.Net and usually use it to make desktop backgrounds, siggys, banners etc. Have just posted my BEST work and im improving, well I hope I am
  17. Nice stuff there On your VERY FIRST smallpaper posted, what text is that and where did you download it ?
  18. I have that plugin installed. I just dont understand it.
  19. Well she's Hayden Penatierra by the way, she's on a show called heroes I might right a tutorial on my rendering later but I basically outlined her with an eraser made another layer with the transparency selected and then deleted the background and used the smudge plug-in around the edges and used a glow The newsprint was very complicated and I don't really remember everything that I did And thanks for the guitar comment I made that off of a picture I took of my guitar, I wish it actually was that color though. I have had a massive problem with rendering lately so that would help.
  20. Loving the first one, excellent colours
  21. Got some talent there! Creepy stuff!
  22. Drawing is tops, I know i couldnt do that They are cute