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You guys like my new avatar?


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100% PDN, my friend made the boarders, I just inverted it and put some wingdings on it. :D

Anybody like it? Please comment if I can do anything to make it better? (im not a really good PDN artist.)


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1. Don't double post and say that no one likes it only 14 minutes after you created the thread.

2. There's nothing wrong with your avatar, but you should really start exploring all the possibilities of Paint.Net. Your work should be your own not someone elses. So when you do create something good, you can feel good about it.

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Hey Dragon, I WANT TO SLAP YOU SILLY & CALL YOU SUSAN! (Yep, I'm shouting at you.) Fair dinkum, 14 minutes & you're worried nobody likes your work? Now that we have that out of the way here are some tips for you.

Most confident people never let their insecurities show. Never knock your own work. There's enough people that will do that for you.

I want to welcome you to the forum & the wonderful world of PDNing!

There's nothing wrong with your avatar. I like the border & the inside. You could use the letter "D" or even the whole of the word in your sig to put into the avvie. That would make it "pop".

If you want to get good at PDN - work through the tutes. It will help you to know how the plugins work & how to get certain effects. That's why people have taken the time (lots of time & lots of effort) to write them. Take a look at works from Oma, WelshBlue, Possum Roadkill, AFG, Goonfella, Helen, Lance McKnight just to name a few. They have built their skills up over time.

Being a good artist requires effort & being a great artist requires effort & lots of practice & then more practice & more effort.

Change your thread title to something more positive like - New Avvie! or New DragonG1 avvie...Sometimes it may take a while for people to respond. We are working on different time zones across the world. There is school & work too...

If you need help with something first try the SEARCH function. If that doesn't help, then post a question in the correct section. Use a thread title that describes the problem. e.g. How can I make a triangle?

Now you can choose to ignore the advice or take it on board. You have some good ideas & I think you just need a little shove in the right direction.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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No my friend did it...but I should get around to asking him what program he used..

for my sig im thinking of putting lots of stuff together in one, a bunch of tequines, styles, and some tuts.


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