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Fading the edge of a photo

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I am new to all of this, and some of your work defies belief. So I hope maybe you could help...

I have some photos, and I would like to put a border around the outside

that will make the photo fade away.... to invisible, a sort of cloudy, wispy effect that I

can control the density of

I have tried to find a way, but to no avail.... Could anyone say if this may be possible..



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Peter, firstly welcome!

Peter, have you tried Effects>Photo>Fade Edge? If you make the width large & back off the power it may give you the effect you're after.

Perhaps Smudge? Or you could try a fairly transparent clouds & then use a transparent gradient on the bit you want to keep?

Hope this helps. If not someone else may have the answer.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Barbieq25, Thankyou, this is a truely amazing place for shere creativity with images, all your

work is incredible.

Yes I have just downloaded a plugin, and the option to "Fade edge" then appeared in the

Photo menu.... It was not there before that!

Its not actually sorted, as is the way with me.... :D

I modified a photo and the grey and white squares appeared around the outside, indicating

a transparent situation......

Yet when viewed on my site, which has a black background, the photo has a "white" edge, not transparent..

Can i adjust the underlying colour of the transparency....

I cannot see a "smudge" option though, as there are sooooo many plugins, its difficult to know which one

to use....

Peter :roll:

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, thanks very much, that works fine now.

Ok.........one last question, is there a plugin available that takes this faded edge further,

where I could select faded edge > with the option of triangle, hexagon, elipse, circle, smudge etc....

And that it all was movable and resizeable, before it all is locked down..... plus control over the severity of the fade.... ?


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Yes it is :D and will get there eventually... thanks for everyones help.


I have down loaded the Pyrochild plugin for Smudge, but am not able to use it.

My PaintNet does not support it apparently, I have the latest version, so guess I will have to wait.


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