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Plugin help please? =)

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Hi! First of all thanks for reading this and trying to help ^.^

I obviousely am having trouble with the plugins... its not a bug or nothing, just my stupidity more likely XD

I download them... unzip em... ydad yada... and put them in the effects folder... but they still won't show up in the program!

I have tryed many different plugins, half hoping something was screwed up with them, but nope. I am just stupid...

Please? Any ideas with the vague info I could give?

I really need help please =/

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first of all make sure it is the effects folder that came with the program and not one you made and that you are in teh program file. then put some plugins there. open paint.net and look in the effects tab or adjustments tab and they should be in there somewere if not i'm afraid im no help without more information[wiki][/wiki]

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There's a plugin troubleshooting thread in the Plugins forum. Please ask your question there.


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