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I could use a Pallet

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A saved pallet of about 50 colors would be nice. Something I can set colors in my-self, that will always be there for me to use on the next pictures. I'm a cartoonist and my characters need to stay about the same in color. And resetting the numbers in the color circle gets long and tedious. Could you please help?

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They're talking about a sort of Color History, where the last [x] colors you've used are remembered. Then, you just click on the color in your history and your primary color changes.

I too was thinking the other day how useful this feature would be, as it is something I use quite often in other apps to keep my colors consistant without having to switch tools. Yes I know there are keyboard shortcuts, but keeping track of keyboard shortcuts for all the various programs I have isn't easy. I can't even count how many times I've pressed [Ctrl]+[shift]+[L] in Paint.NET so I could move the selection (GIMP behavior) and Auto-Leveled the layer, forgetting that selections are automatically "floated" when the Move Selected Pixels tool is selected. Or pressed [Ctrl]+[shift]+[A] in The GIMP to zoom out and selected the entire image. Or pressed [Ctrl]+[K] to delete something in PDN. Et cetera and on and on...

Also, to use the Eyedropper, you have to be on the proper layer. A Sample Merged-like option for the Eyedropper would be much appreciated. For those who are not familiar with this wording, Sample Merged basically selects from the merged image of all the layers, what the user sees on the screen. That way, regardless of the layer you're on, you select the color of the pixel that is visible on the screen, regardless of the color in that pixel on that layer.

So yeah, I support this request. I'm not sure if it's on Rick's lengthy "to-do" list or not, but I do think it's been mentioned in the past.

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A color palette, in addition to the current color wheel, is something I'm planning on having for v3.0.

I wanted to have it for v2.5 or v2.6 but there just wasn't enough time.

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