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face in the wall

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I was trying to make a face coming out of the wall but i didnt succed, my lack of experience is screaming out loud but i think its interesting what came out of this so i thought ill share it

Plugins needed: Alpha blur



Color tint

Color match

So we'll start with this


and we'll end up with something like this


So first u open the tiger image and use the lasso tool to select the head, then click edit- invert selection and hit delete

This is what u should have


Now go to effect - photo - sharpen (amount 20)

Then alpha blur (radius 20)


Save image as gif

Open new layer and name it wall

color it brown using the paint bucket tool

Add noise (effect-noise) intensity=50, colour=0, coverage=25


Now go to effects -stylize -relief

then effects - colour - colour tint (hue 45, tint 255)


before going on, we have to save this image too

after saving, click layers - import from file and open the tiger head u saved before


Go to Adjustments -color match, browse and open the wall u have saved

apply an alpha blur radius 60


ok now add new layer and use paint bucket to make it yellow

set the opacity of yellow layer to 50 and the blending mode to multiply, flatten the img and thats it

Of course u can add a frame (add new layer and use the rectangle tool for example)


Well, i hope u like it and i hope i didnt do any mistakes to be locked again


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